Building Simple To Use WordPress Plugins

Because we believe you should spend more time creating and less time configuring.
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We are a team of talented individuals who focuses on creating high-quality WordPress plugins that are simple and easy to use. We center our development around designing the user experience, building solutions that allow users to spend more time creating content rather than configuring it.

Our approach is simple:

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1. Identify

We identify the user’s pain points and ask questions to understand what the problems and challenges are.

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2. Research

Once identified, we use a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods to collect insights.

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3. Design

From there, we begin brainstorming, prototyping, and designing possible solutions.

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4. Iterate

Then we test our solutions with our users and iterate over the design based on our results and repeat.


Simple Logo Carousel logo

Simple Logo Carousel

A simplistic carousel to elegantly display logos. Powered by slick.

Content Audit Exporter logo

Content Audit Exporter

Make content auditing easy by exporting your post, pages, and custom post types to an XLSX file.

Morning Coffee logo

Morning Coffee - Coming Soon

A project management system that helps you keep track of clients, tasks, projects, and invoices.


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